Warehouse Fire Protection- Bulk/Rack Storage

Warehouse fires total many millions of UK pounds sterling loss to Industry and commerce of a variety of goods and services annually. The size of the problem to International business is incorrectly reported in figures that represent only the financial value of the stored materials that are physically damaged by smoke or flame. A more accurate reflection of the financial loss incorporates the more difficult to calculate consequential loss - resulting in some instances in the closure of the business concerned.

Whilst the risk of fire may at first appear to be greatest in businesses where material storage involves inflammable goods, NO-ONE IS RISK FREE!

FUEL STORAGE - FOOD INDUSTRY - CONSUMER GOODS - REFRIGERATED WAREHOUSES - MILITARY STORES - AIRCRAFT HANGARS... ALL are at risk and International fire statistics identify losses in ALL the aforementioned area.

Modern fire detection systems strive to help minimize the potential loss to life and capital investment. Reliability of many detection systems can be affected by adverse environmental conditions

One fire related factor that is beyond question is that during its incipient stage ALL fires are localized events. It is during these early minutes that detection must occur if loss and damage is to be minimal. The most effective detection system is therefore one that can be installed at the exact point of risk. It must be able to withstand frequent alterations in type of materials stored - without change of detector. Sub-zero temperatures down to minus 40 degrees C will not affect its operation nor increase any required operational maintenance. One such system is PROLINE linear detection.

For Racked warehouses the temperature sensitive cable can be simply installed IN RACK at single or multiple levels depending on the number of vertical storage bays per rack. For this you can use the rack construction for both sensor cable fixing and its protection against mechanical damage from the automated system or fork lift trucks or even the items being stored - without loss of operating sensitivity. (See diagram 1).

Diagram 1 : In-Rack Protection

Diagram 2 : Open/Bulk Storage Protection.

Maximum spacing between sensor cable runs at ceiling height are dependent upon whether the project design is to be in accordance with U.L. or F.M. approvals/recommendations.
For U.L. - maximum spacing is 10.6metres/35feet - all TH sensor cable alarm temperature ratings.
For F.M. - maximum spacing's are 9metres/30feet for TH68 &TH88 or 7.5metres/25feet for the TH105.

For "special" open area type applications PROLINE linear sensor cable lengths up to 10,000 metres / 32,800 ft may be connected to a SINGLE interface unit with alarm point location feature included !!

Linear Heat Detection has a proven track record for the protection of warehouses - bulk and rack storage, that can be verified by many major International end users. For additional information on the most effective system to suit your particular requirements, please contact


Digital (LHS) & Analogue Linear Sensing

The means to locally monitor for temperature changes (rise or fall) at "point of risk" and at ANY /ALL locations along an installed length of temperature sensitive cable - regardless of environmental conditions.

Fibre Optic Linear Temperature Sensing

Line detection of temperature change and rate of rise along multi -kms lengths of small diameter fibre optic cable. It provides high performance near real time temperature Sensing and Alarm functionality with standard communication interfaces.

Proline 'Nero' Water & Moisture Detection

Rapid detection of the smallest of leaks within Industrial, Commercial Environments by a recoverable cable. Designed to provide 24 hours/day x 7 days/week continuous monitoring of areas where even the smallest of leaks can prove disastrous. Essential where undetected leakages can cause serious damage to today’s complex electrical, communications and computer networks.



A U.K. registered Company with hands-on product development, global market & application experience dating from the 1970's.

Proline equipment conforms to all NFPA 72 and EN54 standards requirements for linear detection.

Pneumatic, Digital, Analogue, Fibre Optics, Measuring Point System, Aspirating Systems...regardless of your linear detection requirement PROLINE will be happy to assist you.