On + Off Road Vehicle Fire Protection


LINEAR TEMPERATURE SENSING considers the obvious risk to human life from a fire condition developing on a BUS or TRAIN regularly operating full of commuters but also accepts that these vehicles are also CAPITAL INVESTMENTS to their operators.

To many Companies, the resultant total loss or major repair downtime of a HGV, COMBINE HARVESTER, EARTHMOVER or FORK LIFT TRUCK from a fire could generate a sufficiently large enough interruption to routine business to make it difficult to maintain or return to operating profit levels.

In a single European Country which is by no means unique in this fire analysis - 9450 (NINE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY) fires were recorded in BUSES in a SINGLE YEAR. The average age of the buses involved were identified as only 4.9 years old.

Statistics indicate that 64% of fires start in the engine compartment (fuel leaks and short circuits the two largest causes in this area), 21% in the braking system, 9% under the body and 6% inside a vehicle.

Over-heat & Fire DETECTION of on + off road vehicles can be economically and simply achieved by DIGITAL LINEAR HEAT DETECTION system. Installed at the EXACT point of risk with the linear temperature sensing cable connected to a small custom made cab mounted control facility that will provide operation of an associated extinguishing system.

Independent testing and discussions with major manufacturers have repeatedly proven the effectiveness of such a protection system in monitoring, detecting, controlling and extinguishing fires regardless of whether they originated from the vehicles ENGINE BAY, BATTERY BOX, BRAKING or EXHAUST system.

Automatic detection provided by the PROLINE Linear Temperature Sensing equipment allows the Vehicle driver to either concentrate on road safety or to focus on the Off road task and not attempt to differentiate between smoke from a fire and exhaust/dust.

On Road ( Bus Design used as an Example but Applicable to HGV Engine Bay also)

Standard Fire Extinguishing System for Buses

  • A - Discharge cable (type HUS506492)
  • B - Cable for connection of sensor cable (RADOX 2x1 mm2)
  • C - Cable for power supply (RADOX 2x1 mm2)
  • D - Cable for connection of ignition switch (1x0.75 mm2)
  • E - Standard MAG cannister cable with plug
  • F - Sensorcable 180 gr. C
  • I - Buzzer cable (RADOX 2x1 mm2)
  • J - Junction box in machine space
Fork Lift

Linear Heat Detection has a proven track record for the protection of On + Off Road Vehicle Fleets, that can be verified by major International end users.

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Digital (LHS) & Analogue Linear Sensing

The means to locally monitor for temperature changes (rise or fall) at "point of risk" and at ANY /ALL locations along an installed length of temperature sensitive cable - regardless of environmental conditions.

Fibre Optic Linear Temperature Sensing

Line detection of temperature change and rate of rise along multi -kms lengths of small diameter fibre optic cable. It provides high performance near real time temperature Sensing and Alarm functionality with standard communication interfaces.

Proline 'Nero' Water & Moisture Detection

Rapid detection of the smallest of leaks within Industrial, Commercial Environments by a recoverable cable. Designed to provide 24 hours/day x 7 days/week continuous monitoring of areas where even the smallest of leaks can prove disastrous. Essential where undetected leakages can cause serious damage to today’s complex electrical, communications and computer networks.



A U.K. registered Company with hands-on product development, global market & application experience dating from the 1970's.

Proline equipment conforms to all NFPA 72 and EN54 standards requirements for linear detection.

Pneumatic, Digital, Analogue, Fibre Optics, Measuring Point System, Aspirating Systems...regardless of your linear detection requirement PROLINE will be happy to assist you.