Fuel Tank Storage Protection

PROLINE internationally certified linear temperature sensing equipment provides rapid detection of over-heat and flash fire conditions on many areas within OIL, GAS and CHEMICAL Industrial market sectors.

Applications include multiple risk protection of FIXED & FLOATING Roof Tanks as well as SPHERE's.

Installation within a hazardous environment uses PROLINE corrosion and abrasion resistant linear sensor cable, connected to a SAFE area located ZI interface unit and ATEX certified zener barrier by a maximum 50 ohms resistance of interconnecting cabling.

For RIM SEAL protection Proline sensor cable should be installed around the tank roof circumference supported at 1.2m maximum intervals using Proline PR-004A Stainless Steel L brackets.  On FIXED roof tanks the sensor cable should be located around the top and base of the tank.  It is recommended to use ladders for sensor cable support for protecting vents, hatches, valves etc.  whilst ensuring no obstruction to their access is caused by sensor cable location.


  • The simplicity of digital linear detection system alarm temperature specification (the design of which considers black body - reflected sunlight on a low roof - temperatures in order to avoid false alarms) with no temperature/length reliance for favourable alarm temperatures
  • No practical zone length system design restrictions
  • Simple sectionalised replacement of fire damaged portion of sensor cable only - without the necessity for complete zone/tank detection system replacement
  • The most economical supply and installation linear detection system option - with extremely low maintenance costs
  • REFINERY SITE PROVEN AND EVIDENCE of its ability to rapidly detect and signal a flash fire situation
  • Alarm point location provided by safe area installed Proline interface unit
  • Use of retractable cabling between roof installation of heat sensor cable and top of tank wall field wiring connections, eliminates excessive cable lay on the roof of a full tank
  • F.M., U.L. approvals and Hazardous area installation certification

Linear Heat Detection has a proven track record for the protection of Fuel Tank Storage, that can be verified by major International end users. For additional information on the most effective system to suit your particular requirements, please contact us.



Digital (LHS) & Analogue Linear Sensing

The means to locally monitor for temperature changes (rise or fall) at "point of risk" and at ANY /ALL locations along an installed length of temperature sensitive cable - regardless of environmental conditions.

Fibre Optic Linear Temperature Sensing

Line detection of temperature change and rate of rise along multi -kms lengths of small diameter fibre optic cable. It provides high performance near real time temperature Sensing and Alarm functionality with standard communication interfaces.

Proline 'Nero' Water & Moisture Detection

Rapid detection of the smallest of leaks within Industrial, Commercial Environments by a recoverable cable. Designed to provide 24 hours/day x 7 days/week continuous monitoring of areas where even the smallest of leaks can prove disastrous. Essential where undetected leakages can cause serious damage to today’s complex electrical, communications and computer networks.



A U.K. registered Company with hands-on product development, global market & application experience dating from the 1970's.

Proline equipment conforms to all NFPA 72 and EN54 standards requirements for linear detection.

Pneumatic, Digital, Analogue, Fibre Optics, Measuring Point System, Aspirating Systems...regardless of your linear detection requirement PROLINE will be happy to assist you.