Conveyor Protection

PROLINE internationally certified linear temperature sensing can assist in ensuring the continued smooth operation of movement of labour and/or protecting travelators (personnel carriers), escalators and conveyors in the detection of pre-combustion over-heat conditions caused by friction between spilled/discarded materials and motor bearings.

Designed for continuous uninterrupted operation within the worst of environmental conditions within areas of limited access and surveillance and with the minimum of costly maintenance requirements PROLINE continues to prove to be the perfect solution to protecting this sector of Industry.  With a pre-determined alarm temperature being identified regardless of sensor cable length exposed.

Integration with customer central fire alarm control panel is simply achieved by direct connection of the linear sensor cable to an address loop located zone monitor unit or via a PROLINE supplied ZI-01 interface with alarm location and volt free contact output signalling features.  No special tooling or product training is required.  By monitoring operating temperatures at the exact point of risk, PROLINE offers end users the ability to detect the overheat condition and signal an alarm.  This allows action to be taken to prevent progression to a fire stage, removing the need for costly replacement of conveyor system hardware and any down time.

A Typical linear detection installation location for conveyor systems is provided for reference:

Where additional protection is required for the monitoring and detection of glowing embers along a moving belt, and/or at loading/transfer points, our Ember detector may be specified .


Digital (LHS) & Analogue Linear Sensing

The means to locally monitor for temperature changes (rise or fall) at "point of risk" and at ANY /ALL locations along an installed length of temperature sensitive cable - regardless of environmental conditions.

Fibre Optic Linear Temperature Sensing

Line detection of temperature change and rate of rise along multi -kms lengths of small diameter fibre optic cable. It provides high performance near real time temperature Sensing and Alarm functionality with standard communication interfaces.

Proline 'Nero' Water & Moisture Detection

Rapid detection of the smallest of leaks within Industrial, Commercial Environments by a recoverable cable. Designed to provide 24 hours/day x 7 days/week continuous monitoring of areas where even the smallest of leaks can prove disastrous. Essential where undetected leakages can cause serious damage to today’s complex electrical, communications and computer networks.



A U.K. registered Company with hands-on product development, global market & application experience dating from the 1970's.

Proline equipment conforms to all NFPA 72 and EN54 standards requirements for linear detection.

Pneumatic, Digital, Analogue, Fibre Optics, Measuring Point System, Aspirating Systems...regardless of your linear detection requirement PROLINE will be happy to assist you.