• Proline type TH linear sensor cable employs 2 x 0.912 mm diameter twisted and tensioned tin plated copper coated steel conductors. Tin plating provides increased tensile strength whilst the tensioning and twisting ensures maximum physical contact for alarm signalling and maintains an accurate alarm temperature rating.
  • During installation it is highly recommended to maintain a degree of tension on the sensor cable and only un-reel the length of sensor cable being fixed locally. This will ensure ease and efficiency of installation.
  • Sensor cable Installation should only be at temperatures between -10C and 10% below its alarm rating . Continuous exposure after installation to temperatures down to -40C /-40F is allowed.
  • No “tees or spurs” must be included in a sensor cable installation.
  • For high risk corrosion or abrasion applications ensure the Proline black coloured RILSAN outer extruded sensor cable option has been specified and supplied.
  • For local applications – Proline sensor cable should be located as close to the risk as possible….whilst ensuring it does not cause an obstruction to access for routine maintenance or repair. For space /area risk applications the sensor cable may be installed at ceiling level within 500 mms / 20 inches of the ceiling.
  • Maximum UL recommended spacing between parallel runs of Proline “TH” linear sensor cable is not to exceed 35 feet /10.6 metres. 50% of that spacing to be applied to sensor cable installations closest to outer walls. Spacings may be adjusted /reduced when operated in conjunction with automatic extinguishing systems – supplied by others.
  • Whilst physical contact between Proline sensor cable and hard surface is allowed at fixing points, continuous contact along the complete /majority of linear sensor cable length should be avoided
  • Professional fire engineering judgement must be applied when specifying final sensor cable locations and spacings.
  • For installations where Proline supplied ZI interface unit with alarm point location & volt free contacts are to be used with and remotely located from Proline TH linear sensor cable, short term fireproof interconnecting cable……2 x 1.5 sq mm conductor size FP200 Gold or similar specification ……may be installed providing the resistance of that interconnecting cable does not exceed 50 ohms (approximately an additional 2,000m!).
  • On Hazardous area risk installations, Proline TH linear sensor cable is suitable for hazardous area installation but Proline supplied ZI interface unit and ATEX certified zener barrier must be “SAFE” area located. Only IP66 rated field mounted junction /termination boxes are required within hazardous area because electrical safety is guaranteed by the zener barrier and the Proline “simple electrical apparatus” that is the TH linear sensor cable is not capable under normal, fault or alarm conditions of containing sufficient levels of energy to generate any spark. Where Proline ZI interface unit/s are used, Proline will also supply a suitable ATEX certified zener barrier. Where an interface supplied by others is to be used the zener barrier configuration & specification MUST be confirmed by the interface manufacturer /supplier NOT BY PROLINE!!






Digital (LHS) & Analogue Linear Sensing

The means to locally monitor for temperature changes (rise or fall) at "point of risk" and at ANY /ALL locations along an installed length of temperature sensitive cable - regardless of environmental conditions.

Fibre Optic Linear Temperature Sensing

Line detection of temperature change and rate of rise along multi -kms lengths of small diameter fibre optic cable. It provides high performance near real time temperature Sensing and Alarm functionality with standard communication interfaces.

Proline 'Nero' Water & Moisture Detection

Rapid detection of the smallest of leaks within Industrial, Commercial Environments by a recoverable cable. Designed to provide 24 hours/day x 7 days/week continuous monitoring of areas where even the smallest of leaks can prove disastrous. Essential where undetected leakages can cause serious damage to today’s complex electrical, communications and computer networks.



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Proline equipment conforms to all NFPA 72 and EN54 standards requirements for linear detection.

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